Dairy-based Supplements

Product identity, safety, purity and efficacy are our top priorities at Tripak Pharmaceuticals. We have active trading accounts with major raw material suppliers and international agencies to ensure we source ingredients of the highest consistency and quality throughout our development, manufacturing and packaging processes of dairy-based supplements. In addition to Tripak’s licences and certifications, a quality-orientated mindset is embedded in the business culture and overall processes to ensure your customers are enjoying and benefiting from pure and safe products.

Tripak Pharmaceuticals has an Import Accreditation for powders containing dairy by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA). Our Export Dairy Licence from the Australian Department of Agriculture regulates the export of dairy products from Australia. This ensures that your products produced by Tripak Pharmaceuticals are of the highest quality and comply with Australian export laws and meet importing country requirements.

Tripak Pharmaceuticals also holds a TGA licence, Certified Organic Manufacturer Certification, Safe Food QLD Licence and more to ensure all dairy and food products are manufactured to the highest national and international quality and safety standards. See our Licences and Certificates to find out more about our qualifications.

Packaging Features

Our total production solution allows us to seamlessly manufacture dairy powders then fill them into sachets of the following specifications:

Our high-speed sachet machines offer convenient and customisable packaging solutions for your brands. See Sachet Services for our packaging MOQ’s and our capabilities. Tripak welcomes the opportunity to assist new businesses with their products or ideas but unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities to fill powders into bottles, jars or tubs.

Dairy products we can manufacture

Tripak Offers:

We welcome the opportunity to assist with any consumer product or idea, so if you have a product that is not stated above, please contact us to discuss your options.