Certified Organic Cosmetics and Skincare

The organic cosmetics and skincare industries have grown strongly over the last few years, driven by the popularity of ethical consumerism and increasing demand for cleaner, greener beauty products. Tripak has over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing Certified Organic and natural cosmetics, haircare and skincare products under our Organic Food Chain (OFC) licence and will work alongside you and your brand to create 100% natural and cruelty-free products. For more information on our production capabilities, please see our Skin Care and Cosmeceutical pages.

If you have an existing organic cosmetic or skincare range, we offer a re-formulating service to convert “older style” formulations into modern, often safer, alternatives. With many organic ingredients available on the market, we can recommend more natural or safer alternatives so that your consumers can feel more “at ease” when they use your products. Tripak Pharmaceuticals and any external testing facilities we work alongside do not test on animals.

We are able to fill certified organic products into sachets, bottles, tubes and jars. For more information on our minimum order quantities, please see our Packaging Services.

Packaging Capabilities

Organic ingredients we commonly formulate with:

Tripak Offers:

Manufacturing Certifications

Tripak Pharmaceuticals has the necessary quality certifications including a TGA licence and is a Certified Organic Processor of Cosmetics, Haircare and Skincare Products to ensure all of your products are manufactured and packaged to the highest national and international quality and safety standards. See our Licences and Certificates to find out more about our qualifications and how we can help.

Thinking of a startup company?

Tripak welcomes the opportunity to assist new businesses with their products or ideas but unfortunately we do not offer Private Label products. If you are new to the manufacturing industry and looking to launch your own organic cosmetic or skincare brand, please see our Assistance for Startups page for some handy hints that we have learnt through our 30 years of successfully operating within the pharmaceutical industry.

We welcome the opportunity to assist with any consumer product or idea, so if you have a product that is not stated above, please contact us to discuss your options.