Dry Powder Blending

Tripak Pharmaceuticals has over 30 years of experience in formulating, testing and blending dry powder products and has built up an enviable reputation with our clients as “the specialist you can trust”. With the capability, capacity and experience in delivering to deadlines, Tripak Pharmaceuticals has designed a reliable, convenient and dependable total production solution for your brands. Tripak does this by offering an optimised manufacturing and packaging service for your company so you can focus on your overall business success.

Packaging Features

Our total production solution allows us to seamlessly manufacture powders then fill them into sachets. Our high-speed sachet machines offer convenient and customisable packaging solutions for your brands. See Sachet Services for our packaging MOQ’s and our capabilities. Tripak welcomes the opportunity to assist new businesses with their products or ideas but unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities to fill powders into bottles, jars or tubs. Lead times range from 6-12 weeks for dry powder blending.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Tripak Offers:

Manufacturing Certifications

Tripak Pharmaceuticals has the necessary quality certifications and holds a TGA licence, Certified Organic Manufacturer Certification, Safe Food QLD Licence, FDA Certified, Informed Sport Certification (WADA approved facility) and more to ensure all therapeutic goods and food products are manufactured to the highest national and international quality and safety standards. See our Licences and Certificates to find out more about our qualifications and how we can help.

If you have a product ready for manufacture that is not listed in our capabilities, contact us and we will see how we can assist.