TGA Listed Medicines

The pharmaceutical industry is a complex and competitive industry due to ever-changing research and development, regulations and manufacturing processes. Tripak Pharmaceuticals has over 30 years of experience operating at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry and is perfectly placed to be able to develop, manufacture and package your TGA licenced products.

Tripak Pharmaceuticals is proud to be a TGA licenced manufacturer of a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic goods. We comply with principles under the Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure your products are consistently produced and controlled to the highest quality standards of their intended use from the product development stage through to manufacturing and packaging.

The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) requires TGA products to be listed with an AUST L number to be manufactured and supplied in Australia.
We can fill TGA listed products into sachets, bottles, tubes and jars. Unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities to manufacture and package capsules and tablets. For more information on our capabilities and minimum order quantities, please see Manufacturing Services and Packaging Services.

TGA Listed Products We Make

Tripak Offers:

Manufacturing Certifications

Tripak Pharmaceuticals has the necessary quality certifications including a TGA licence and is a Certified Organic Manufacturer to ensure all therapeutic goods are manufactured and packaged to the highest national and international quality and safety standards. See our Licences and Certificates to find out more about our qualifications and how we can help.

Thinking of a startup company?

Tripak welcomes the opportunity to assist new businesses with their products or ideas but unfortunately, we do not offer Private Label products. If you are new to the manufacturing industry and looking to launch your own brand or TGA listed products, please see our Assistance for Startups page for some handy hints that we have learnt through our 30 years of successfully operating within the pharmaceutical industry.

Unfortunately, we do not offer regulatory services or TGA listing assistance; however, we are used to collaborating alongside organisations that do and can recommend some on request.

We welcome the opportunity to assist with any consumer product or idea, so if you have a product that is not stated above, please contact us to discuss your options.