Products We Make

As your product range and volumes grow, so does our manufacturing and packaging capability. We have the experience and insight to adapt to changing market trends and your evolving production priorities. We are proactive in offering our clients the latest in product and packaging innovations to meet market demands and regulatory imperatives. Tripak welcomes the opportunity to assist new businesses with their products or ideas and has the capabilities to develop, manufacture and package your products to the highest industry standards. Unfortunately, we do not offer Private Label for code stock formulas as each formulation is unique to each client.

If you are new to the manufacturing industry and looking to launch your own brand or have any questions, please see our Assistance for Startups page for some handy hints that we have learnt through our 30 years of successfully operating within the pharmaceutical industry. If your product idea is not listed here we may still do it! We welcome the opportunity to assist with any consumer product or even idea. Contact us now for an obligation free discussion.

If you have a requirement for an existing or new and innovative product, please contact us for tailored production pricing today.